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Can diesel Genset be replaced with rooftop Solar?

Rooftop Solar power is much cheaper than power from Diesel Generators. Solar PV generates power at a cost of about rs. 4.5-5/kwh while diesel generates power at about rs. 16/kwh, keeping delhi/ncr in mind. Whether Solar power can replace your diesel consumption entirely depends on a number of factors such as the nature and timing of the load, the extent of load shedding, the area of roof available, exposure duration of clear sun. For residential structures, where peak load is not so high, diesel genset can completely be eliminated by Solar rooftop.

How much roof area do I require to install a Rooftop Solar PV system?

The area required by a rooftop PV plant should be a complete shade-free area for better solar panel efficiency. A Solar PV system typically requires 100-130 sf (about 12 sq mtrs) of shade free roof area per kw of capacity.

How much electricity does a rooftop solar PV System generate?

The amount of electricity generated by a rooftop Solar PV plant depends on the location, orientation of the roof, the quality of the pv. As a rule of thumb, a 1 kwp plant will generate about 4 kwh (units) of electricity a day on average in a year.

What capacity of solar system do I install for my residence/office?

The capacity of the rooftop solar plant you require to power your facility should be calculated keeping in mind your requirements, the size of rooftop available and the amount of sunlight available.

Does your rooftop Solar pv generate power during a power failure?

Yes, It is a grid interactive and hybrid type inverter which is capable of supplying solar power when the grid power is off. So this system works as a power back up also.

What are the various policies and regulations (subsidies, incentives, permissions) that I should consider for my rooftop Solar systems?

There are various Solar policies that incentivise rooftop solar in india. Central government schemes make it eligible for 80% accelerated depreciation. There is also capital subsidy of approx 30% and more based on location, and renewable energy certificates (recs). Some states have further incentives under their own solar policies. Permissions primarily deal with ensuring the grid isn’t congested by receiving approval from local power distribution authorities. We are committed to facilitate the user for all such benefits.

What is net metering vis-à-vis rooftop Solar project?

Net metering allows electricity meter to spin forward when electricity flows from the grid into your building, and backwards when your system produces surplus electricity that is not immediately used. If the roof top solar is generating more power than its being utilized, the surplus gets supplied back to the grid and the meter takes that into account by spinning in the reverse direction.

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